Soba with broccoli and mushrooms

Since we have our own place now, I have been trying to cook..well at least once a week. And it has been fun; picking out recipes, going grocery shopping and improvising – the only bit that sucks is washing the dishes but we cant have it all can we. We are still having problems practicing portion-control for 2 person ( I once cooked porridge that lasted me for 5 days). Any tips?


Tonight’s dinner is soba noodles topped with broccoli, onions and mushrooms. I love one-bowl meals, easier to prepare and so much lesser to wash after! This was surprisingly good, the noodles were coated in a ginger-sesame-honey-soy sauce and was tangy and sweet, topped with vegetables of your choice and I think you get a pretty healthy (and delicious) meal. Recipe adapted from here (I swapped the egg for more veg and reduced the oil/sauce content overall to suit my taste)

Soba with broccoli and mushrooms

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