When I heard that Chabuton was the first ramen restaurant to be featured in the Michelin Guide, I know I had to try it. I love ramen and I have tried almost every must-try ramens in Singapore (yes I have my own personal list of top 5s like every other self-respecting ramen lover here). To me, the most important part about ramen is the broth; if the broth is good, I can forgive just about everything – even a less than runny egg.  I guess thats why my favorite broth base would be tonkotsu because noting can beat a sweet creamy rich pork soup.


Moving on to Chabuton – I got their signature ramen. My first thought was “wow whats up with the overload of sesame seeds”  While the avalanche of sesame seeds distracted some what the taste of the broth, it sill remained sweet, thick and creamy. Pretty decent! I even saw a group of young kids ordering bowls of rice just to eat with the broth – sign teenagers and their high metabolism rate

The rest of the ingredients were unfortunately pretty pedestrian


We ordered a side of gyozas to share, nothing much to comment about and definitely nothing compared  to the ones at  Gyoza-ya


313 Orchard Road, 313@Somerset, B2-01
Singapore 238 895
Tel: 6636 8335


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