The Beast

E and I try to have date nights once a month – basically an excuse to go somewhere nice for dinner and eat/drink to our heart’s content. Ok, not that only but really also making that effort to dress up and spend time with each other.

So I was craving for waffles and fried chicken – and The Beast it was, for some good o’l american fare.


We started with some ice cold beer and the maryland crab cakes. For its price (~$16), the crab cakes were pretty good;  packed with crab and flavor but I could do with more texture.


The waffle and fried chicken came with a cute bottle of bourbon syrup (very addictive); chicken was nicely fried and the waffle was thick and dense – a perfect combi though of course it got too ‘jelat’ after awhile. A dish best for sharing.


E happily ordered a huge plate of fried chicken, so we ended up with way too much #communicationfail but hey he loves fried chicken and happily devoured his share


The Beast
17 Jalan Klapa
Singapore 199329
Tel: 6295 0017

The Beast

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