Sunday Brunch at the Bar and Billiard Room

Sunday brunches are our group’s tradition, sure they are expensive but what an excuse to eat and drink to your heart’s content – we try to go for 1-2 brunches a year, as a treat, usually tying in with a birthday celebration.

So far, we have been to the one at Brasserie Les Savuers, Catalunya, Greenhouse etc and I must say, the Sunday brunch at the Bar and Billiard Room was one of the better ones we have had so far.

Firstly, talk about quantity of food, the buffet spread was well spread around the entire dining area and just too many food items to actually consume everything so of course, we just went for the most visually appealing stuff.


What’s a buffet without cold cuts – esp oysters. The oysters were fresh and crisp, pretty good stuff


Especially when washed down with a classic Singapore sling (yes free-flow!)


Presentation of food items were lovely and this especially got us really excited – sea urchin (in its shell) topped with cavier, crab meat and creame fraiche. Talk about luxurious. We gobbled down quite a few of these bad boys, btw I wonder do they reuse the shells?


Other items from the starters section, stand-outs included the burrata and tuna.


Seared foie gras was unfortunately over-cooked, its quite hard to get good foie gras at buffets nowadays eh


From the mains section, I love the melt-in-your-mouth, fork tender pork ribs and of course baked garlic. I could eat baked garlic non-stop mmmm


Lovely piece of salmon with all different sort of condiments that wasnt necessary.


Lastly, the dessert table which had all sorts of lovely cheeses, fruit and of course cakes! My favorites were that magnum lookalike popsicle filled with chocolate mousse and a smooth creamy cheese cake.


Bar and Billiard Room
1 Beach Road, Raffles Hotel
Singapore 189 673
Tel: 6412 1816

Sunday Brunch at the Bar and Billiard Room

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