Bangkok Travel Diary Pt 1 – Feb 2015

So I make a trip to Bangkok on average once a year and I have got my itinerary pretty down pat – where to shop, what to eat, when to go for a massage.. but of course there’s always something new in Bangkok so every trip is a balancing act between going back to old favorites and trying something new (which might get added into the old favorite the next trip and hence a vicious cycle)


Tried JetQuay’s service for the first time, its basically a “VIP” lounge in Changi Airport where you go directly into a sweet lounge and rest whilst airport staff does all the checking in for you. The food at the lounge was not great, from my random plate above. After checking in, you get driven to your gate, or shop of choice via a buggy. Pretty fun.



One of my old favorites – Som Tam at Siam Square. I cant get enough of the fried chicken wings and the signature papaya salad with salted egg, so good. There used to be long queues when I first found this place but with the opening of a new branch over at Siam Centre, you can now waltz into an outlet quite easily.

Som Tam Nua
392/14 Siam Square Soi 5
Rama 1 Road, Bangkok


Having seen so many people posting pictures of these delicious looking huge toasts, I had to go down to After You to try. This was the Shibuya Honey toast with bananas and it was hugeeeee and absolutely awesome. Why? Cos it was full of butter, heart-stopping fatty salty melt-in-your mouth toast filled with butter. Serving’s huge though, the 2 of us could barely finish half before we admitted defeat; yes not suitable for the oldies (get 3 pax or more to share)

After You Dessert Cafe (There are plenty of branches)
Central World, 7th Floor


Another old favorite – SabX2 Wanton mee; the one place in Bangkok filled with Singaporeans, even the waitress there takes your order in mandarin. I honestly dont think much about the Wanton mee here mostly because I dislike pork lard, I hate that feeling when the lard bursts in your mouth when I accidentally eat it. Plus too small portion lah though the wanton is pretty good. I came here actually for the Pork rice (you can see we ordered a portion each). The pork was fork tender and braised lovingly for hours (I imagine), the rice paired with the pork, that savory sauce and salted vegetable was just awesome. Comfort food at its best.

SabX2 Pratunan Wanton Noodle
4/32-33 Soi Petchburi 19, Pratunam (do come at odd hours to avoid queuing with Singaporeans)


Saw someone eating this on instagram and knew I had to track this food truck down. These Daniel Thaiger burgers were the bomb – the perfectly oily bread sandwiching juicy beef patty, cheese, onions lettuce and mopped up in the secret Thaiger sauce. Its a food truck, so be prepared to wait by the road side ( we waited for ~20mins) but the wait was so. worth. it. Do come early cos I heard the burgers sell out quite early.  Oh and the truck moves around so pls check out their facebook page on the latest location before heading down.

Daniel Thaiger Burger Truck


Lastly, a new item on the agenda. Talad Rot Fai night market, a huge sprawling market with an emphasis on vintage. Right at the end of the market are large shops selling really cool vintage, restored furniture (think old barber chairs, restored gas station signs as lamps etc) There are also several bars and restaurants as well as food stalls at the market. Shopping wise, not so much, just your usual run of the mill t-shirts and souvenirs. I thought it was a nice market BUT its so darn far away – take a bts to On Nut station and from there take a cab ride (took us about 20+ minutes due to traffic) then another 10 mins walk in (tell the cabby to drop you opposite Seacon Sq and walk over to avoid even more time stuck in traffic). Would I recommend this place? Yes if you have never been there before and esp if you love looking at vintage stuff but I personally wont go there again (unless I was looking to purchase vintage home furnishing) just cos of the distance and lack of stuff to buy there.

Talad Rot Fai Night Market
Srinakarin Road Soi 51 (behind Seacon Square)
Opens on Weekend nights, till midnight

Bangkok Travel Diary Pt 1 – Feb 2015

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