The Refinery

Now this place is seriously cool – airy, loft-like, high ceilings and even a maker’s space on the upper floor. We were really looking to a good dinner here but unfortunately we came during the CNY period so most of the menu was somehow unavailable/sold out. Even the bottled beer (what….)

So here’s what we managed to eat


Salted egg onion rings served in a hipster brown bag and with a serious punch of flavour. A tad too oily though


Fries -Poutine style. Not too bad


Yakitori roast pork was fatty and salty, perfect with beer.


The Refinery’s version of Mee Pok was probably the best thing on the menu – QQ noodles with the right touch of spiciness, this was super tasty.

Overall, what we had was not too bad and I dont mind coming back to try the rest of the menu, esp considering most of what we wanted to try was unavailable. Pity about the service though, (again not sure if its because of cny) the staff were extremely nonchalant esp considering we were visibly disappointed about the lack of food ah well,

The Refinery
115 King George’s Avenue
Singapore 208561
Tel: 6293 0461

The Refinery

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