Oriole Coffee + Bar

As a birthday treat, E surprised me with a staycation at Hotel Jen. A newish hotel located smack right in the middle of town, its a great place for shopaholics like me because of the many many malls around. Pro tip: go eat HDL if your staying here because you can get a queue number then relax in the comforts of your hotel room.


Anyway we decided to pop by Oriole for a small mid-day snack. I love the coffee at Oriole, always strong, musky and thick mmmm. Sampling from the new menu:


Sausage buns which honestly tasted like over-cooked home made stuff.


The kale + soba salad with ebiko was great! Bright, refreshing and tasty with the delightful punch of saltiness when the tiny fish roe bursts in your mouth


Oh and a cute little note from the Hotel (the surprise was a bucket filled with sweets, too cute)


Plus the cutest bag from Rebecca Minkoff from the boy, yes I am pretty lucky 🙂

Oriole Coffee + Bar

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