Having your own home is awesome in the sense that you basically own everything and have the freedom to do anything..and for me that includes cooking. I am by no means a good cook but I do enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. My mom on the other hand is an amazing cook, so cooking back when I was living with the parents was not fun 1) why bother? 2) mum hanging around the kitchen observing and giving “helpful tips”

Some of my homecooked meals for far:


Steak + roasted garlic (ala bedrock style) and some roasted peppers + mushrooms. We bought pretty good meat from mmmm! so the steaks turned out great with just salt and pepper as seasoning. We have been eating copious amounts of roasted garlic because they are oh so delicious and simple to make. Simple season with salt, pepper, olive oil then wrap in aluminium foil and stick it into the oven for 30 mins. Remove and spread generously over bread. Inhale.


Spaghetti done in my childhood style – with minced beef and cheapo hotdog.We also made lazy girl’s sangria which was delicious.



The airfryer has been a life changing device and we use it to make perfectly cooked salmon which became a typical dinner since it takes no time at all to prepare. Season the salmon (we usually just use salt and pepper, sometimes honey, soy sauce etc) then dump it into the air fryer, prepare a side and dinner is served.


Btw the airfryer also makes the most perfect prata – stick a frozen prata in and 10 minutes later you get a perfectly fluffy, crispy and flakey without any oil. Much like eating a croissant + prata mix. Protip: Remember to place a metal spoon or something to hold the prata because the heating component in the fryer may cause the prata to “fly” and get burnt. Also I cut opened the prata mid-way through and cracked an egg in, making my own plaster prata.

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