Club Meatballs

I wonder if a place that specialises only in one item (i.e. meatball) can survive..but anyway the main reason we went down to try its because you get one-for-one on the entertainer app plus I heard some good stuff about this place


Concept’s pretty straight forward, choose your balls (I got the iberico pork while E got the beef), then your choice of carbs/side (we got the risotto) and lastly your sauce (I chose the creamy truffle mushroom). Well my choices together came out pretty tasty; the balls had a nice bounce though I am not sure I could taste the ‘iberico-ness’ (if you know what I mean).

Still at one-for-one, these were a steal.

Club Meatballs
#01-35 China Square Central
20 Cross Street
Singapore 048422

Club Meatballs

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