Paddy Hills

Paddy Hills is a seriously beautiful cafe. Its not your usual ‘buy industrial like furniture from taobao and throw everything together’ place and you could tell serious thought was given to decor, with the highlight of the place being that gorgeous jade counter anchoring the entire place.

The menu here is pretty fusion, with more than one item featuring a korean twist. I like that this is not your typical brunch place.



Then again, E went ahead and ordered the typical brunch – breakfast platter which came in a HUGE bowl featuring (and oddly plated I must add) scrambled eggs on toast, smoked salmon, and bbq pork rib. Thought it was pretty average.


My kimchi fried rice with medium rare steak and a perfect sous vide egg was lovely. You cant go wrong with a sunny yolk bursting onto rice and the fried rice was very tasty.

Paddy Hills
38 South Buona Vista Road,
Singapore 118164 

Paddy Hills

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