Some stuff from Pasarbella

I would go to Pasarbella much more often if it wasnt so far and out of the way. Just because i love variety and going there allows me to try many different types of food at the same time.


The roast pork from Keith Crackling Roast is one of our all-time favorite sio-bak. Just the nice amount of crispiness, fattiness and saltiness to make you reach for just that one more piece.


Papito’s or basically the stall with the paella. I really wanted to try the paella but alas my companions werent a big fan of seafood. Settled for the mushroom crepe instead which was ok i guess, slightly too thin in terms of ingredients and flavor wise.


We continue our quest for more meat at Botintin with a platter of chicken wings, ribs and pork cheek. Pretty tasty meat though slightly tough at times, give me meat from Keith anytime.


Truffle mushroom pasta from Five and Spice which was a garlic-bomb but delicious. Do share as its quite creamy and probably tiresome after a few bites.

Washed everything down with the always good coffee from Dutch Colony, ahhh


Pasarbella @ The Grandstand
200 Turf Club Road

Some stuff from Pasarbella

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