Taipei Travel Diary June 2015

So we made a trip to Taipei in June to attend a friend’s wedding. Well the short 4 days trip turned out to be one nonstop food-fest but what to expect right, it is Taipei after all.

Touched down literally at 5am and with time to kill before we could check in, we decided to go down to the fish market for breakfast. Known as the Addiction Aquatic Development, it fully opens at 11am btw so we were wayyy too early.


Killed time at a nearby breakfast store with some Chong you bing (scallion pancakes with eggs) which were tasty and flakey.


And we couldnt wait any longer, waltzed into the fish market at 9-ish am and raided whatever was available, which was plenty! Rows and rows of fresh sashimi, we were spoilt for choice and went slightly crazy trying to decide what to get ( there were only 4 of us so we couldnt get everything we wanted)



Our breakfast – fresh uni, huge fat oysters, salmon and ebi. so fresh, so good. All washed down with a huge bottle of sake. Prices were relatively reasonable too for a pretty touristy place I must admit. Our breakfast, including the sake cost ~$300 sgd. Worth a visit if you are a sashimi lover


Dinner was hotpot at Huang Jia Huo Guo which turned out to be the best meal in Taipei. This was buffet style and wow this kicked all typical steamboat buffets in Singapore’s ass. Firstly there were about 8 soupbases to choose from (go with miso, its freaking delicious).


Then the myriad of ingredients and all so fresh – crab, all cuts of beef and pork, COD FISH (I had tons of that), oysters and of course the usual balls + veg. Then the drinks which not only includes the standard soft drinks but also beer and smoothies! (All free flow!)


And lastly dessert… fruits, cakes, meiji ice cream and haagen daaz! So what does one do when faced with so many choices, why take 8 scoops of ice cream! Sooo good.

We stayed at an AirBnb at Daan District, and I highly recommend it. The place was clean and spacious for 5 and location was awesome (walking distance to zhongxiao fuxing station with all the malls/ktvs/restaurants etc)

Taipei Travel Diary June 2015

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