Taipei Travel Diary June 2015- 瞞著爹 3

So apparently Man Zhe Die is a branch of Japanese restaurants in Taipei, with each branch specialising in something. Having seen all the awesome looking donburis at the No 3 branch, we had to drop by. Located in a tiny alleyway (seriously take a cab), this place does not take reservations so be prepared to wait. We came at 11, and waited under the sun (unfortunately it was bloody hot in June) for about 30 mins. Thankfully the restaurant provides free iced water for hungry thirsty folks in the queue.

And well, the 30 mins wait was darn worth it.


Some hand-rolls bursting with minced tuna to start with, I absolutely love minced tuna so this was awesome


And chawamushi topped with large chunk of crab and roe (excess of ingredients is a theme here so awesome)


Then there were the miso soups -Clams, prawn and salmon head. All were sublime and just so full of flavour.


The prawn soup in particular was like drinking some really really shiok prawn mee soup. So if I had to choose, I would go with that with the salmon head soup a close second.



So we got the ultimate chirashi don which basically was a HUGE don meant for 2 person (we shared 3 amongst the 5 of us and yup it was too much). Unfortunately the restaurant was out of uni that day but the don was still filled with seafood from baby octopus, minced tuna (yay), thick slices of salmon, roe, scallop, ebi, eel etc and topped with a raw egg yolk and cavier. Mix everything today and you get a sashimi lover’s dream (yes thats basically me).

So good.

No. 17, Alley 9, Lane 346, Section 2, Bade Rd
Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105

Taipei Travel Diary June 2015- 瞞著爹 3

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