Tokyo Travel Diary June 2015 – Marushizu

So even though we were stuffed, we had to try Marushizu since we were at tsukiji. Its a tiny little restaurant, located in a tiny alley way opposite the market – my advice? GPS it.



Marushizu is owned by this cute uncle who is pretty well-known in the Unagi circle – in fact he is the poster boy for unagi! (Literally! There is a poster for unagi in the store featuring his back – if you ask nicely he will pose for you).


We requested for just the unagi because we couldnt stomach any more rice. The smell of the charcoal grilled eel was awesome and I kinda regretted eating so much at Tsukiji because I just want to stuff my face here!



Careful plating by the ‘eel-master’, the unagi was awesome – meaty, sweet, with that faint charred taste adding a touch of smokiness. Highly recommended!

Tokyo Travel Diary June 2015 – Marushizu

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