Tokyo Travel Diary June 2015 – The loot

Last post on Tokyo I promise. So contrary to what people may think, shopping in Japan is pretty cheap, you just have to know where to shop. E.g. Uniqlo all the time, GU, Muji and of course all the beauty products and snacks you can stuff into your luggage.


Now…snacks! one of cos cant do without the usual tokyo banana to pass around office and then as many different flavors of kit kat that you can get your hands on. The more unique ones I got this trip were the apple and chilli, I definitely preferred the former while the latter was well interesting. Btw skip that baked cheesecake one, over-rated and just too sweet. i love stopping at the Calbee store in Harajuku and stocking up on those addictive potato snacks especially the sweet potato ones. I discovered the honey butter sweet potato sticks (yellow box in upper right corner) and boyyyy are they good!


Beauty stores in Japan are like a black hole, it is chocked full of products with huge signs and I get sucked in, wanting to buy everything. Ok so what I got – a ton of biore make up wipes which were going at $5 (half price!), the famous cure gel (also costs half of what it does in Singapore!), facial masks (the blue box) that is supposedly a dupe of SK2’s and several other products I heard were good (yes I am a sucker once someone said something’s good, except unless of course you are a sales person)

Protip – spend at least 5400 yen at the beauty stores to get tax rebates

Tokyo Travel Diary June 2015 – The loot

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