Luke’s Oyster Bar and Chop House

Hidden, well ok located (was I the only one who had a hard time finding the entrance?) on the 3rd floor of The Robinsons at Heeren, Luke Oyster Bar & Chop House is home to the best oysters I have eaten so far.

The caveat , I am no expert on oysters and have only eaten my fair share at buffets (but really good, expensive buffets though) so dont take my word for it; come down and grab some for yourself.


Starters – corn bread with butter. Great one bite snack.


I heard great things about the lobster sliders, but I think my expectations were just too high? They were tasty but I thought the bread to meat proportions could be adjusted. And these were pretty expensive without it being all that satisfying, if you know what I mean.


Half dozen oysters, we had 2 of each kinds (sorry i cant remember the names) and wow they were good. Sweet and fresh, one can almost feel that light sea breeze as you slurp down these bad boys.


The crab cake was equally delicious, packed solid with crab meat. And pretty substantial too



And we ended the meal with a simple burger, cooked perfectly with a middle rare patty. Yes we were extremely happy with the meal here.

Service was polite but distant (not a criticism, I think it suits this place) and the restaurant was tastefully decorated with a great view to boost. The only small gripe would be how close the tables were too each other, dampening what could have been a romantic ambience.

Luke’s Oyster Bar and Chop House

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