Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Celebrated our one year anniversary with some good old American style steak. In true American-style or in this case, New Orleans, expect large portions!

We started with thick rich lobster bisque


And crab cakes to share. These bad boys were pretty pricey ($35 for 2)  but each cake was very substantial and stuffed with so much crab meat that I was half full by the time I got through mine.



Meats are served on a sizzling plate and you can smell the butter and meat before it even reaches your table. My ribeye done perfectly medium rare and delicious enough to eat on its own, without any sauces or condiments.


We also had the set which came with a petite fillet + a prawn. The prawn was disappointingly mushy but to the steakhouse’s credit they replaced the prawn upon our feedback.  I will just stick to the steak next time though.


The set also came with a petite cheesecake and custard, which was great because the regular-sized cheesecake was frankly too big and scary; it looked like it will feed 4 people. The cheesecake was rich and creamy and just nice for the two of us.


And just because its our anniversary! Another very rich dessert, we could barely get through half of slice of cake but still very delicious.



Ruth’s Chris Steak House
Level 4 ,Marina Mandarin Hotel
Tel: 6336 9093


Ruth’s Chris Steak House

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