I never thought there would be such a cool cafe in what is essentially a Safra (ok this was Hometeam clubhouse but similar right?)

Cool industrial like design complete with pipes spelling out the cafe’s name


What I like were the more unusual brunch item – here was the chicken tikka nannwich. Tender delicious chicken topped w the perfect runny egg. Yum. Oh comes with a side of nachos + cheese


Crispy soy chicken drumlets was pretty good too, and quite a large portion!


The doughnut balls with salted egg yolk sauce epitomize all our current food trends and faves eh. Unfortunately it was nicer in concept not so much on taste; both were fine on its own and when dipping the balls in sauce just tasted pretty much that – i think it would have been better if the sauce was in the doughnut itself.


31 Ah Hood Road
HomeTeamNS Clubhouse


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