Tendon Ginza

After a relatively short wait (well we were there pretty late at 8-ish but still have to wait!), we were finally in after hearing so many good stuff about this place. And thankfully we were not disappointed.


So there are basically 2 sets of tempura don to choose from – the vegetable option and the special tendon. Not a tough choice, when the special tendon comes with 2 huge prawns. Each set comes with chawamushi and unlimited pickled vegetables.


Huge, tantalizing bowl of tempura. Aside from the prawns, each bowl comes with an assortment of vegetable – lady’s fingers, mushroom, long beans etc, chicken breast which were surprisingly moist and the best part, a runny oozy tempura egg.


The best way to eat this, break the egg and stir the yolk all over the rice. Inhale.

Verdict-  this was an awesome bowl of food, the tempura was light and fresh, nicely seasoned and extremely value for money. Only drawback , that overwhelming smell of grease that lingers on your clothes and hair after leaving the place. That is a small inconvenience I can gladly live with though.


Tendon Ginza
101 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088522
Tel: +65 6221 6678


Tendon Ginza

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