Chir Chir Chicken

Who doesnt like Fried Chicken, especially Korean Fried Chicken! Crispy juicy chicken slathered in all kinds of sauce mmmm of course it must be done right – nobody wants an over-fried or too greasy piece of meat right.

Chir Chir chicken is apparently a super popular fried chicken restaurant with outlets in Korea, China and Taiwan. And rightly so.


Attempted to start off the meal on a healthier note with the mango salad in a tangy yogurt dressing. Pretty refreshing though I could really do without the olives.


The signature Nest Snow was a towering pile of chicken tender on top of cream sauce and sweet potato puree and weirdly topped with whipped cream. It was overall too ‘jelat’ a dish though I quite liked the cream sauce just not too much at one time.


Now the Fried Chicken  (we got the garlicky one which came with delicious roasted garlic) was very nicely done. Crispy with a satisfying crunch and tender, juicy with each bite. The seasoning was just about perfect too making this one of the best fried chicken I have had in Singapore so far. Awesome stuff.


Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory
313@somerset #B3-04/05/06,
Singapore 238895
Chir Chir Chicken

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