Pince and Pints



I have been wanting to try this place forever but I am not a fan of queues. When I heard there was a truffle version of the lobster roll though – that was it I was getting my ass there. Thankfully the queue wasnt too long (waited 15 mins or so) and we got our seats at the bar (which I liked cos we got to annoy the bartender with questions lol).

Now talk about decadence – soft buttered roll filled with chunks of sweet lobster cooked in truffle sauce and then topped with truffle shavings. The bread itself was really fluffy and flavourful (must be super a lot of butter!) and the lobster was fresh, sweet with a nice bite; the truffles of course was a nice complement. All in all, a very very very good lobster roll – in fact the best that I have eaten thus far though not as if I have eaten a lot of them hah.  I enjoyed the side salad with watermelon too, refreshing amidst through all the sin.


Pince & Pints
32-33 Duxton Road
Tel: 6225 7558


Pince and Pints

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