Well this was a disappointment.

MEATLiquor is really quite the cool place, from the colorful outlandish decor , the loud music and down to the random photobooth at the corner of the restaurant. Even the food has cool names i.e. The Dead Hippie. Too bad the food didnt quite meet our expectations.

Started with the Hippie fries (above) – with griled onions and hippie sauce. Well the hippie sauce tasted like tarter sauce. And the Sambal Fries, which was basically fries slathered with chilli sauce. The fried egg on top though was a nice touch.


Our tray of burgers + cheese fries, onion rings and Monkey Fingers.


The cheese burgers were tad too dry but the chicken burgers fared slightly better with its juicier tastier chicken patties. I did enjoy the gigantic onion rings (so fun to eat!) The monkey fingers though were too heavily drenched in vinegar making them too sour to enjoy.


Really more of a watering hole than anything else.


MEATLiquor Singapore
99 Duxton Road Singapore 089543
Tel:  6221 5343


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