Sushi Jin

I am always down for Japanese beef bowls so when I heard about Sushi Jin (and it being so near my office), of course I had to get my ass there. Opened by Les Amis group and much like many fine Japanese dining establishments, Sushi Jin offers lunch sets featuring a type of don + salad + dessert (we had fruits that day)


The Wagyu don topped with truffle soy sauce, a wonderfully wobbly poached egg and grilled onions. It was hmm ok I guess, I thought the egg + truffle sauce was delightful but the beef was a let down, sliced too thin and without much of a bite nor flavour. I guess I expected more? I much prefer the one at Fat Cow


The beef + foie gras don, quite a sad portion really when (once again) compared to Fat Cow’s


The friend’s chirashi which was a pretty plate


Sushi Jin
One Farrer Hotel & Spa, 1 Farrer Park Station Road,
Owen Link, Singapore 217562
Tel:+65 6443 3378

Sushi Jin

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