Hana Japanese Restaurant

The great thing about having the Entertainer App is that it kinda forces you out of your comfort zone and towards trying new restaurant because “hey I already bought the app, might as well use it for other places besides bedrock and fat cow eh”

Well sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you get a dud. This was unfortunately one of the latter.

So Hana offers one-for-one omakase/kaiseki on the entertainer app which is a pretty great deal, I mean its omakase!


We started on a good note, with some fish liver which was fresh and creamy.


The sashimi course comprising ebi, salmon, tuna etc


After a sardine course we were frankly a tad tired of fish but it was more fish courses -in the form of tempura (with a small little piece of capsicum tempura)

And then a huge hunking piece of grilled tuna, was pretty dry and overcooked


Lastly the sushi course, comprising tamago (Yay egg), eel and more fish.

When we asked the waiter – why all the fish? The reply was quite an unsatisfactory ” cos fish is in season now” huh…ok well I for one like variety and the lack of it was really apparent in this meal, hey even a nice salad course would have been welcomed.


Dessert was a sesame ice cream which was more sesame than ice cream, urgh a mouthful of seeds in your mouth is not a pleasant sensation. The waiter saw our barely touched dessert and went “yah its an acquired taste..” well no service recovery or whatsover.. ok..

So come for omakase only if you really really like fish. And nothing else.

That say, they did have a beef hotpot special (hey i thought only fish was in season) that looked quite nice here.


Hana Restaurant
Forum the Shopping Mall,
583 Orchard Road #01-17
Singapore 238884
Tel: 67375525




Hana Japanese Restaurant

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