Park Bench Deli

wow thats a pretty long hiatus, well first there was CNY break and then a trip to Europe to catch the Northern lights (!) which I will attempt to blog about soon less I forget the details.

Anyway we popped by this joint pretty late (close to 9) for dinner and it was still pretty crowded, I guess thats what happens when you are instagram-popular-of-the-moment.

This place was tiny, with very little seating. In fact the open concept kitchen space was as big as the dining area. Well I guess its a deli after all so they were probably hoping that most of the customers dropping by will be getting to-goes.

This place serves a variety of sandwiches and the 2 that we tried were pretty good.


Peanut butter and Jelly toast with a crunchy cornflake exterior. Mmm the textures were what made this so good.


Patty melt on rye -beef, cheese and grilled onions was a winning combi that played like a party in our mouths. Nicely done.

The lunch menu does look a whole lot more interesting, hopefully I will get a chance to drop by for lunch!

Park Bench Deli
179 Telok Ayer St
Tel: 6815 4600

Park Bench Deli

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