Koji Sushi Bar

Wow the chirashi here is awesome. This quickly propelled to the top of my list for chirashi and it being bara chirashi (which I am usually not a big fan of, as it is more often than not overly seasoned).

The fish here was perfectly seasoned and on a bed of nice warm rice and what sealed the deal for me was the sprinkling of these tempura bits on top which added a nice crunch and made this bowl extremely delicious.

Yes you can choose to add uni on your bowl which of course I did.



Close up = mix of salmon, tuna, swordfish, ikura and some jellyfish.

Only complain I have was the tight, cramped restaurant that does not allow one to chill and relax after a meal. But I guess thats the point for a restaurant in the heart of cbd.

I am always on a chirashi hunt and you can look at my finds on instagram #chirashisearch

Koji (米花) Sushi Bar
China Square Central
Nakin Row,3 Pickering Road
Singapore 048660

Koji Sushi Bar

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