Chillax cafe

Now this place has some weird (I mean unique) items on its menu and well I am all for trying new stuff, so why not. Pardon the ugly pictures, lighting was well bad.


Salted egg mushroom because thats the ‘in’ thing right now i.e. putting salted egg on everything; it was a pretty tasty starter and I really like the juicy mushrooms. But well not too sure if the salted egg really value-added the dish but thats the thing about trends eh like fashion trends only wear what suits you and not follow blindly.


Shabu beef poutine was a huge bowl of fries topped with chunky beef.  Alas the beef was quite tough


Lastly, the wagyu beef rosti, another huge plate featuring well, a rosti with beef. I cant quite tell if the beef was really wagyu-standard but the rosti was pretty tasty.

Portions are hugeee so come hungry or with friends to share.


Chillax Cafe
28 Maju Avenue
Singapore 556698
Tel: 6244 5529

Chillax cafe

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