Bangkok Travel Diary Pt 2 – Dec 2015

Whenever I travel to Bangkok, I make sure that my trip falls on a weekend, solely for the fact that I can go to Chatukchak weekend market. I know people who hate the market – its too crowded, too hot, not that cheap etc etc but I love CTC because of all that, to get that experience of bangkok, to be surrounded by shops and of course the food. I love the food here.


One of my favorite places to eat is at the duck noodle stall, I am sorry i cant quite give directions to this place just that it is opposite section 4/5 but it is filled with Singaporeans so I dont think it is that hard to find, just follow the sounds of singlish and spot those beer singlets.  The duck soup is oh so rich and flavorful, the duck is oh so tender and delicious. With a splash of fish sauce and a dollop of chilli, everything comes together in this intense, duck flavored awesomeness. E and I love this so much sometimes we end up here a few times in one trip.


And then of course, its my absolute favorite place for authentic thai food at the market. I have been coming here for at least 15 years and it is still as good every. single. time.

Its called Din Phow cuisine and no doubt if you are shopping within sections 4 and 5, the smell of that fried chicken would have attracted you to this place. Unfortunately I have always been coming here with just E so I dont get to try other dishes in this place, I have always stuck to my favorites namely the tom yum kung, the sesame fried chicken and deep fried spring rolls. The tom yum soup is the best ever, the perfect balance of sweetness, sour and spice.


Close u of that perfectly crunchy chicken.


This trip, we decided to head down to Chinatown (Yaowarat) for seafood which was disappointing. To be fair we wanted to try the most popular T&K seafood (dudes with green polo tees) but it was way too crowded; we wouldnt have minded waiting if not for the fact that the waiting was basically done on the road, making for a rather dangerous wait. Instead, we decided to try the seafood next to T&K, wrong move. Everything was rather blah, especially the grilled garlic fish which was not fresh at all.


Bird’s nest in a coconut to go with our meal, this wasnt the best quality bird’s nest but it made for a nice dessert.

Bangkok Travel Diary Pt 2 – Dec 2015

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