Bangkok Travel Diary Pt 3 -Dec 2015

Continuing my food trip in the land of smiles.


Picked up a box of these in Siam Square whilst waiting for my massage appointment, these pandan kuehs were piping hot and super yummy.


We randomly stepped into this pretty cafe called White Flower Factory at Siam Square one for coffee and dessert. The cakes were all deliciously displayed and I had a hard time deciding what to get. Finally chose a lemon crepe cake and boy did I choose right, it was delicious. Sweet with that tangy lemon twist. Mmmm. I must remember to come back here and try their food the next time.


Last day started off with breakfast at the now famous On Lok Yun; it was a tad hard to find despite us taking a cab (the taxi driver dropped us off in the middle of a street filled with gun shops, pretty scary…). The place is as old school as it gets, and yes full of Singaporeans. We got the breakfast platter, french toast and soft boiled eggs + bread and kaya. Honestly I dont think it was that great, sure it was a fun experiment and the food was cheap but not really worth a second visit in my opinion, esp if i have to cab down.


Our dinner on the last night was at Nara, we were wandering around Central World and drawn to the large “voted best…” signs outside the restaurant. Overall, I thought the food was not bad but lacked ooph – not sure how exactly to put it but it felt like the flavors were tweaked to suit tourists? Without that punch you would expect in traditional thai cuisine.



Both the crab curry and tom yum soup was nice but mildly flavored. I wish the seafood taste was more prominent.



Bangkok Travel Diary Pt 3 -Dec 2015

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