Violet Oon’s Kitchen

Violet Oon’s kitchen at the National Gallery must be one of the most beautiful restaurants in Singapore.


A sensually dark interior sprinkled with Peranakan tiles and other small touches that play homage to the chef’s culture – like the cool ceiling fans. Really beautiful place and quite the perfect place to host oversea guests.


Decor extended to the beautiful calligraphy on the coasters.


Food here is traditional Peranakan and we ordered a variety of dishes.


The chap chye is one of my favorite Peranakan dish because I like the comfort of nice home-cooked vegetables but the dish here was just a tad too salty and wasnt cooked till that soft mushiness that I love.


Most of the dishes tasted fine but lack that comfort that I come to associate with Peranakan food; perhaps it has been tailored to suit tourists’ taste? Not as tasty and rich as I hoped so. My favorite savory dish was probably the beef rendang which was tender and moist. However, if I had a hankering for high end Peranakan food, I will pick Candlenut anytime.


My favorite dish of the meal was the dessert -the  pulut  hitam with coconut ice cream was wonderfully warm and creamy and paired with the rich smooth coconut ice cream. Mmm


National Kitchen by Violet Oon
1 St. Andrew’s Road
National Gallery Singapore
Tel:9834 9935


Violet Oon’s Kitchen

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