One of those glorious weekdays where we are on leave and can afford a long leisurely lunch (yes that’s beer you see in the picture below). GastroSmiths has a pretty value for money – 3 course set lunch all for only $15!


I got the soup of the day – a nice green and flavourful broccoli soup


While E went for the more obvious choice, the truffled egg crostini, featuring sinful eggs + mustard aioli and a generous amt of olive oil


The beef don ($14 supplement) featuring a 63 degree egg and marbled beef was nicely done for its price. I love the addition of the seaweed; stirring the egg into the rice and slurping everything up made for one enjoyable meal. Of course the beef wasnt the greatest quality but I thought it was good for its price.


E got the smoked salmon don, essentially the same as the beef don, just swapping the protein.

For the 3rd course, one gets to choose either a dessert (vanilla bean ice cream) or beverage (coffee/tea). Go for the ice cream, its the good quality kind – u know where you can really see the vanilla beans, so good 🙂

Will definitely come back;would love to try the brunch menu or that cod mee sua I keep seeing around social media posts.


Gastro Smiths 
Location: TBC (they are moving to a new location which hasnt been announced yet)


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