Fat Cow

With our entertainer app, we try to visit Fat Cow to make full use of the one-for-one. Honestly, without this discount we wouldnt have come here; dont get me wrong the food is oh so good here but also oh so expensive.

We figured – since its our dating anniversary (I cant believe its been 10 years!) why not splurge eh.


Started with some miso grilled sweet potato, it was ok. I have yet to try any appetizer from Fat Cow thats great though.


For my main, I decided on the sukiyaki. Comes with 4 precious, most marbled and most delicious slices of Grade A5 beef. The soup also comes with accompanying vegetable -leek, mushrooms, tofu etc. One pricey pot but really tasty.


Added on a comforting bowl of porridge (prob the most expensive porridge I have ever eaten),  really rich and creamy in a mushroom-beef broth.


The boy had the steak, with the fat rice which still remains one of the best things I have eaten at Fat Cow. Hah I know its strange to come to a steak restaurant and gush about White rice but seriously, that ‘fat shoyu’ sauce over the rice is just too good; I think I can polish a plain bowl of rice on my own and I dont even like rice that much. Oh yes, the steak is pretty darn good too.

ended dinner with dessert which was red bean pancake and a sorbet. A pretty average dessert I must add, similar to the appetizer I have yet to try anything great from the dessert menu. Any recommendations?

Fat Cow
1 Orchard Blvd
Singapore 248649
Tel: 6735 0308







Fat Cow

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