Kimchi Korean Restaurant

A bright and airy Korean restaurant – refreshing change from the traditionally stuffy places I go to get my bbq fix.

I like the fact that banchan and drinks were served buffet-style, allowing one to just self-serve when ever you need a refill rather than having to wave down a waitress. Living up to its name, the kimchi here was good. Not too sour, not too spicy, nice enough that I went back for multiple servings.


We ordered the army stew where ingredients were served in a cute compartmentalised tray. Ingredients wise were pretty standard though there was the addition of bonito flakes strangely. But anyways, give me cheese in my army stew and I am happy.


Well there was plenty of cheese, making it a cheesy gooey, delicious mess to eat. Just how I like my korean food. I wish there were more proper protein instead of the usual processed food/fried stuff. But still pretty good.

Will come back to try the bbq


Kimchi Korea Restaurant
3 Temasek Boulavard,
Suntec City Convention Tower
Singapore 038983
Tel : 6337 7811

Kimchi Korean Restaurant

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