Yay birthday lunch! I try to eat Japanese every birthday because its my absolute favorite cuisine and I have a reason to indulge in more luxurious items


Take for example the signature appetizer at Syun – the super indulgent wagyu with sea urchin topped with cavier. One expensive mouthful (and on a gold plated spoon no less) but hey if you cant do this on your birthday then when can you?

With these ingredients, this appetizer cant go wrong but then again, it did taste just like the 3 ingredients separately; not sure if there was a thought process behind this dish other than “lets just throw together the 3 most luxurious ingredient you can think of”


Close up of the beauty


Lunch sets at Syun were pretty worth it, given the ambience. Comes with side salad, tea and chopsticks on a gold plated leaf (chopstick stand). My chirashi don was one of the prettiest one I have eaten, with petals of edible flower sprinkling the dish. Lightly seasoned too, I like.


Another angle of the pretty box. As always my #chirashisearch adventure can be found on instagram.


E had the seafood box, another indulgent box filed with roe, sea urchin and butter poached seafood. The seafood was nicely cooked and tasted super rich (I wonder how much butter they used).  Quite lovely though I prefer my Japanese cuisine to be on the lighter side.


We ended up at Smoke and Mirrors @ National Gallery for a birthday drink and a view of Singapore + Marina bay. Following the art theme of the Museum, my cocktail featured “paint streaks”. Pretty cool.


Festive Walk, Resorts World Sentosa
Tel: 6577 6688



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